With expert guidance, healthy nutrition and cleansing spa ... Escape to Ibiza for a cleansing detox combined with yoga and  fitness activities.  Our courses, retreats and programmes focus on the body, mind and soul. Drawing on our  20 years' experience, we offer 3 types of health strengthening programmes, our 7 day yoga health weeks, our 10 day health challenge and our 21 day ultimate health programme,  which are all insightful, enriching and of the highest professional quality.

 They're suitable for  hose looking to understand the art of Natural health, macrobiotic healing arts, Cooking, Yoga, Shiatsu, cooking, Thai yoga massage, Thai foot massage. And those looking to resolve serious health problems and get off unnecessary medications.  Talk to us!  You are welcome to talk to us about our programmes call  07764233823 or email us  your questions.

“Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.”

Upcoming Events

The new Flavon Vital Programme -  2017
( new you) Detox and rebuild. Easy to follow and effective.  Contact us for more details about Flavon.

Kitchen  7-day Yoga and Health Retreats 10 Day Health Challange

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V I T A L I S E   detox and fitness holidays.

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