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Kasia Trevena

Kasia's exploration into healing began in the late 1980s. At that time she was living with her parents in Poland. As they were physics teachers they worked closely with well-known scientists, healers and traditional doctors who were investigating the power the human body had to self-heal.

Greatly inspired by her parents’ work, Kasia decided to deepen her own studies into bodywork and food as medicine.

In the early 90s she went to the International Macrobiotic Institute where she studied with world-renowned macrobiotic teachers and counsellors such as Michio Kushi, Denny Waxman, Bill Tara and Jon Sandifer, her husband and many others.

Here she learned the art of being able to read the human body, how to prepare healing foods, compresses and plasters, how to prepare natural medicinal teas and drinks.

Kasia also mastered the technique of applying acupressure massage to help stimulate the flow of blood and energy throughout the body. Since becoming a qualified counsellor she has given countless consultations and also accepted many invitations to give lectures in Poland, Belgium, England and Spain.

Always eager to learn more, Kasia's interest in bodywork led her to complete a 3-year course in Shiatsu Training at the British School of Shiatsu Do.

She then went on to take a number of postgraduate courses in Pregnancy Shiatsu with Suzanne Yates, Barefoot Shiatsu with Shuizuko Yamamoto, Hara Shiatsu with Ohashi and Shintai with Saul Goodman.

Fascinated by oriental bodywork and the power of stretching and deep breathing, she went to northern Thailand to study traditional Thai yoga massage and then to southern India to train in the ashrams with world-known masters and become a yoga teacher.

For over 15 years Kasia has taught yoga, seated acupressure and Thai massage and gives classes in England and Europe. Since 2004 she has been working at London yoga studio Triyoga and since 2001 has been pioneering  with her husband a Wellness Retreat in Ibiza, Spain.

Jamie Trevena

Jamie began his journey into macrobiotics in 1986 when he was advised by a family friend to try this healthier lifestyle in order to improve his bronchitis condition. Within a year he succeeded, via good macrobiotic practice, to cure his ailment.

In 1988 he trained at the East West Restaurant (London's only dedicated macrobiotic restaurant at that time). Here he gathered experience in all aspects of macrobiotic cooking.

Since that time he has continuously expanded his interest in macrobiotics, pursuing a deeper understanding of the order of the universe and its practical applications, especially in the area of human health and consciousness.

He has cooked around the world – at yoga retreats, summer camps, exhibitions – and is constantly being asked to teach and give macrobiotic cooking classes. He has  worked in Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland and the USA.

In 1998 he founded a Macrobiotic resource website called the Macrobiotic Guide, that has helped to transform thousands of people's lives.

Jamie is passionate, experienced, and uniquely creative chef. His cooking has been, and continues to be, enjoyed by a range of clients including individuals, families, business people and world class celebrities.