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 certifications. 2-3 spoonful of any Flavon products – irrespective of seasons- provides you all the active substances of fruits and vegetables every single day of the year Besides the juice concentrate of sun-ripened fruits and vegetables, in many cases they contain seeds, peel grist and traditional spices to guarantee the highest possible synergy



In order to have a balanced, diverse diet, everyone needs fruits, vegetables and antioxidants of natural origin. This is especially true for children, expectant and nursing mothers.



While growing older, we are exposed to more and more stress and that is why it is important to pay attention to the warning signs of our body and to be protected against the harmful external effects. Flavon Protect can be the key to this secure protection.  BUY


Premium category Flavon Joy includes one of the ancient natural treasures, the fruit of cocoa tree due to which it has become a curio on the market of dietary supplements. Keeping the gel-consistency that is beneficial regarding bioavailability, we combined such fruit and vegetable ingredients and spices that have strong synergetic interactions, thus by enhancing each other’s effects. Therefore, it protects and pampers our body in all age group.  BUY

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Vegetables are the source of phytochemical substances - not found in fruits - indispensable for the optimal functioning of our cells and organs, for keeping our health and improving the quality of our life. BUY

FLAVON VITAL PACK  60-day Healthy lifestyle program

The Flavon Vital Program is a way to change your lifestyle within 60 days which leads your nutrition and lifestyle to the healthy way. Flavon Vital fills you – by taking a few doses a day – with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, pigments and other valuable elements by approximately 135 994 T-ORAC per day! Based on scientific researches, we defined when and which product of Flavon shall be consumed adjusted to the biorhytm. The Flavon Vital Program contains 2 cartons of Flavon products.

The Flavon Vital Program is a good choice because the products...


After consuming the first carton of Flavon Vital, treat your body which have already got used to healthy lifestyle with Flavon Premium products. From the second month we offer you a revitalizing, long-term consumable program which will complement your daily diet in the best way. The two-month-long program consists of two selected cartons and a Flavon Vital brochure. This brochure includes a detailed description of the program, nutrition and lifestyle advices.

Get your maximum with a new lifestyle and conscious daily activities!

The Flavon Vital Program can help you!


  Synergy Effect - 100% Natural - Vitamins -Carotenoids - Fruit acids -Bioflavonoids - Polyphenols - Micronutrients - Fitohotmones

Award winning  - ORAC (Oxygen radical absorbency capacity) is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities in biological products.

Flavon has the highest (ORAC) levels  -  Alkalise the body - Easily absorbed - Energises - Supports better immunity - Aids digestion

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 A special combination and health supporting synergy of polyphenols, flavonoids, and essential oils of plant origin containing unsaturated fatty acids. Daily dose, anywhere, anytime, to anyone.

The combined effect and synergy of the fruit and oil ingredients is what gives Flavon Peak Fruit its peculiarity. The oil ingredients are exceptional in respect of their fatty acid content and are ample sources of such essential fatty acids as the omega 3 and 6, which we can take into our system only through nutrition, and which are known for their manifold physiological and antioxidant effects. The fruit ingredients contain several useful and healthy nutrients; vitamins, polyphenols, fibres and minerals; they are strong antioxidants among which we can find such superfruits as pomegranate, blueberry or apple. Buy here